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St. Paul's CE Primary School

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Forward As One CE Academy Trust

Vision and Values


St. Paul's Vision for Education


It is our aim that every pupil who attends St. Paul’s CE Primary School is given the opportunity to thrive within the environment we provide, aiming for excellence, always. Pupils experience an ambitious curriculum from the moment they join us in early years. The curriculum at St. Paul’s is designed to reflect the diverse community we serve.

Our vision for education for all pupils at St. Paul’s, is that pupils:

  • develop the wisdom, knowledge and skills to enable them to flourish in the next stages of their education
  • develop their understanding of hope and aspiration and how this can be fulfilled
  • value the worth of each person within our school community, treating them with dignity and respect
  • develop a sense of community & living well together, through the contributions they make in school and the wider world


With these in mind, we are committed to creating an environment where pupils and staff can flourish. It is OUR responsibility to work consistently to implement the vision for education at St. Paul’s, and to do this as part of one team.