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St. Paul's CE Primary School

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Forward As One CE Academy Trust

Diversity & Equality

'Diversity is having a seat at the table. Inclusion is having a voice, and belonging is having that voice be heard.'      Liz Fosslien

At St. Paul's we embrace the diverse population we serve within our school community and our individual differences. Through our curriculum choices and enrichment programme, pupils gain an understanding of life in modern Britain and the fundamental British Values of: Democracy, the Rule of Law, Individual Liberty and Mutual Respect and Tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs and for those without faith. 

We welcome a wide range of visitors into school to support our work around diversity and inclusion, alongside ensuring our curriculum and text choices provide opportunities for pupils to see representations of themselves, alongside understanding lives which are different to their own. 

Some of the organisations and individuals we work with include The Anne Frank Trust, Kiera Byland (Special Olympian Cyclist), Azeem Amir (Disability Awareness Advocate). 

Our Heritage Days provide an opportunity for our pupils to learn about the rich and diverse cultures of our school community and celebrate everything which makes us unique!