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St. Paul's CE Primary School

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Forward As One CE Academy Trust

One Team, One Mission, One Family

Welcome to St. Paul's CE Primary School

Our school is a community that welcomes people of any faith, and none, to come and fully participate. We retain our historic faith roots as a Church of England school, supporting all, irrespective of faith, on their own spiritual path. While society at large presents tolerance as a virtue, St Paul's school offers something much, much better - hospitality. A warm welcome to one and all, going out of our way to accommodate those of different faiths.
Everyone in St. Paul's family is a learner and everyone is special. We hold the children's needs at the heart of all that we do - aiming for excellence, always.

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  • 'Pupils’ attitudes to learning are first-class. They enjoy coming to school and their attendance is above average. Pupils say that they feel safe and cared for and that they are proud to be members of the school family.'
    Ofsted, June 2013 
  • 'Pupils are eager, articulate and confident learners. They discuss and share ideas openly in an atmosphere of trust and acceptance. As a result, the school truly does transform lives.'
    siams, February 2018
  • 'The curriculum goes far beyond the requirements of the National Curriculum. The spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of pupils is exceptional and is a major strength of the curriculum. It is fundamental to the school's values and all it does.'
    challenge Partners Quality assurance review, March 2023