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St. Paul's CE Primary School

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Forward As One CE Academy Trust

Leaders of Tomorrow

At St. Paul's, our pupils have the opportunity to participate in a number of different leadership roles which support the pillar of 'Community & Living Well Together.' Below are some of the leadership roles you will find in our school, which provide valuable experiences and the opportunity to development skills for life. 

Wellbeing Champions

Our Wellbeing Champions play an important role in school, ensuring everyone in the St. Paul's community is taking care of their own and each others' wellbeing. The Wellbeing Champions meet and receive training regularly with Leanne from Purely Wellbeing.  Daily meditation is led by our Wellbeing Leaders, and they have recently set up an area outside for pupils to join in with games and activities to promote wellbeing. 

 This is a great opportunity for our pupils to receive extra skills and experience in areas such as speaking in front of a range of audiences, leading their peers, using their imagination, collaborating with others, organising events, and implementing creative ideas.


Junior Leadership Team 

Our JLT are appointed annually, and receive an induction from our local Councillor, Cllr John Walsh. They learn about the importance of making decisions based on the needs of your local community and how social action can impact the wider school community. 






Reading Ambassadors

Reading lies at the heart of the curriculum at St. Paul's and we feel it is vital that our pupils play a key role in the development of reading across the school. Our Reading Ambassadors are based in each class from Reception-Year 6, and they champion all things book related for their peers. 






E-Safety Ambassadors

Our Year 6 E-Safety Ambassadors are trained by Bolton School ICT to support the whole school aim of ensuring our pupils have the necessary tools to keep themselves safe online. The E-Safety Ambassadors deliver whole school assemblies and workshops to pupils, alongside providing a presence for others to share any worries they have about the online world. 



Road Safety Ambassadors

St. Paul's is located nearby one of the busiest roads in Bolton, which presents potential risks for those walking and travelling to school. Our Road Safety Ambassadors are trained by Bolton Council, and their role involves raising awareness of the dangers of the road and how to stay safe whilst travelling in cars. 


Playground Leaders 

Our Playground Leaders play a pivotal role during social times outdoors through encouraging a wide range of activities for pupils to enjoy. From 'Cardio Corner' to 'Catching Corridor,' our zoned areas provide pupils with the opportunity to take part in pupil-led activities together.