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St. Paul's CE Primary School

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Forward As One CE Academy Trust


At St. Paul’s, we aim to ensure that our pupils become digitally literate for the future workplace and as active participants in a digital world.

Our computing curriculum is planned around the 5 ‘Big Ideas’ of:

  • Programming
  • Online
  • Communication/collaboration
  • Productivity
  • Design

Online Safety – will be referenced throughout computing lessons. Before, during and at the end of lessons.

Cross-curricular Links

  • Maths – Pattern recognition, charts/graph creation, problem solving, data handling
  • English – Instructional writing goes incredibly well with the teaching of algorithms. Working out how to break something down into steps, gives you the skills you need to write a successful algorithm.
  • Art – Not only can pupils apply their Computing skills to create digital art, they can also explore the idea of abstraction; the removal of unnecessary detail, to view things in their simplest form.
  • Science – The collection and organisation of data play a strong part in both Science and Computing and the subjects really complement one another. Not to mention the process of predicting, testing and reviewing in both subjects.